Ep. #4766

Season 19, Episode 252 -  Air Date: 3/15/2006
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Taylor goes to Brooke to ask her to remain quiet over finding her with Nick. Brooke realises Taylor is hoping that Ridge will return to her and Brooke informs Taylor that she will keep quiet, but only for the sake of Bridget. Taylor pops over to see Nick to apologise for causing him trouble. Nick takes some of the blame onto himself, and Taylor confides in him that she is afraid that she is becoming dependant on alcohol to numb her pain. Eric tells Stephanie that they must arrange a funeral for Felicia, but Stephanie refuses to discuss it. Jackie later visits Eric and she agrees that Stephanie‘s behavior is strange. Stephanie visits with a doctor and talks to him about Felicia. Stephanie later sits by Felicia‘s side, as she is connected up to machines and is still alive.