Ep. #4761

Season 19, Episode 247 -  Air Date: 3/8/2006
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Massimo offers Ridge his support over Felicia‘s death, but furthers his own agenda by pushing Ridge to return to Brooke to seek comfort. Brooke breaks off a call with Nick to find Ridge at her door, looking for solace. Brooke comforts Ridge in his grief over losing his sister, but when Ridge wants to go further she tries to put him off, telling him it‘s been an emotional day. The two fall back on the bed together, Ridge wearing only a towel, and Brooke‘s robe falling off one shoulder. Hector comes into Chuck‘s Bar to find Taylor downing wine. Hector‘s curious about her choice of watering holes, and she tells him she can‘t face the people in the other places she used to go. She tells him that she is grieving for Felicia. Hector tries to get Taylor to slow down on the drinking, but she continues to order, telling Hector that she wants Ridge back. Nick has shown up at Brooke‘s home to see her and finds Massimo cleaning up the remnants of the wedding. Nick cannot believe Massimo when he tells him that Ridge is upstairs with Brooke and heads up only to see Brooke on top of Ridge in bed.