Ep. #4760

Season 19, Episode 246 -  Air Date: 3/7/2006
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The battle over Brooke rages on as Stephanie, Bridget and Nick all want Brooke to choose Nick, and Massimo and Ridge both want her to choose Ridge. Downstairs, Thorne takes a call from Dante telling them Felicia wants them. The Forresters and Nick head over to the guesthouse, leaving Brooke and Massimo alone in the mansion. One by one, Felicia‘s family says their goodbyes -- Ridge is stoic as he says goodbye, Thorne breaks down and tells her he loves her, Eric thanks her for coming home. Stephanie refuses to accept the truth and calls an ambulance, then begs Felicia to fight for Dominic after Bridget brings him in. Felicia remains strong until she has her son in her arms, then asks Stephanie to hold her. Stephanie breaks down as Felicia dies in her arms.