Ep. #4746

Season 19, Episode 232 -  Air Date: 2/15/2006
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Nick brings Dominick home to the beach house. Bridget feels uncomfortable and later tells Nick her fears of rejecting Dominick and admits that she doesn‘t know whether she can take care of him after Felicia‘s death. Ridge tells Brooke how much he loves her but adds that he doesn‘t want to be with her if her heart is with Nick. Ridge asks Brooke to remember their past together as they dance. Felicia refuses to have a blood test carried out on Dominick, but Taylor and Dante advise her to. Felicia eventually gives in when they explain that Dominick may need his real father for medical emergencies later in life. At the hospital as they wait for the results, Felicia begins wondering if Dante has plans to use Dominick to real in Bridget if he turns out to be the father.