Ep. #4741

Season 19, Episode 227 -  Air Date: 2/8/2006
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Nick and Brooke drop by the beach house to collect some things for Bridget, and Nick tells Brooke how happy he is with his life. As Bridget talks with Felicia, Bridget suddenly goes into premature labor as her water breaks. Dr. Caspary insists that they must deliver the baby. Bridget fears its far to soon and the doctor rushes off with Nicole as she is born. Felicia comforts a distraught Bridget as the doctor tells her that Nicole has died. Dr. Caspary informs Eric, Massimo and Thorne who wait outside as Nick and Brooke return. Nick rushes in to comfort Bridget as they share the grief of their loss. Felicia later comes in to tell them that she will take care of Nicole in heaven as they take care of Dominick on Earth.