Ep. #4734

Season 19, Episode 220 -  Air Date: 1/30/2006
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Eric and Stephanie exchange vows with their family watching on, then laugh it off as Felicia hands them the rings that they left on their dressing tables. Felicia says a quick goodbye to Dominick as Renée prepares to take him back to the guest house, then turns down Ridge‘s offer to dance when Dante shows up. After a quick turn around the floor and a kiss from Dante, Felicia moves to Thorne‘s arms and then to Eric‘s, where she collapses as Eric sings to her to the shock and dismay of her family. Hector finds Taylor preparing to move out of her office at Forrester Creations and tries to convince her that no matter how badly things ended up between them, there must have been something there once for her to have spent so long with Ridge.