Ep. #4732

Season 19, Episode 218 -  Air Date: 1/26/2006
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Jackie tells Nick that she and Eric are engaged. Nick is happy for her until he learns that Eric is marrying Stephanie. Nick goes to Eric and demands he choose between Jackie and Stephanie. Eric tells him that he‘s marrying Stephanie for Felicia, and they‘ll divorce after her death. Eric asks Nick not to tell Felicia that he is engaged to Jackie. Nick later drops by to see Felicia, but he decides to stay quiet when he sees how much the remarriage of her parents means to her. Kristen flies in from Miami. Kristen is surprised that Eric and Stephanie are remarrying, but agrees to stand by them for Felicia. Ridge, Thorne, Kristen and Stephanie comfort Felicia as she sobs, but she tells them how happy she is that the whole family is together again.