Ep. #4717

Season 19, Episode 203 -  Air Date: 1/5/2006
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Taylor makes it clear to Stephanie that she plans to tell Ridge the truth about everything, not just the recent encounter with Hector but also her encounter with James many years ago. Stephanie confesses that she already knows about Taylor sleeping with James. Stephanie tries to convince Taylor not to tell Ridge, as it will give Brooke the perfect chance to swoop in and snatch Ridge up, but Ridge arrives home before Stephanie can convince Taylor to go her way. Brooke tells Nick that she has accepted that she will never have a life with him, but admits that she wants her children to have a stable home. Brooke says that therefore she needs Ridge. Sally initially turns down Thorne‘s offer to take the job, convinced that it‘s charity, but Thorne manages to convince Sally that she is truly the best person for the job, and convinces her to accept the position.