Ep. #4696

Season 19, Episode 182 -  Air Date: 12/7/2005
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Eric tells Brooke that in order for them to control the company again, he needs to manipulate Stephanie‘s love for him, by convincing everybody that he hates Brooke. Eric and Brooke stage another argument in front of Taylor. Thorne and Taylor tell Dante about Eric‘s change of heart towards Brooke, they all wonder if Stephanie and Eric will get back together. Jackie believes that there is more going on with Felicia than she is letting on. Jackie later tells Nick how becoming a father will change his life. Stephanie tries to get Felicia to tell Bridget about her baby, but Felicia dodges the issue. Felicia decides to move back to France to get away from Stephanie. Stephanie calls Nick to stop Felicia leaving by telling him that Felicia gave birth to his son.