Ep. #4688

Season 19, Episode 174 -  Air Date: 11/23/2005
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Eric and Stephanie are advised not to take their feud to court. They are told that all the court costs and time spent feuding would lead the company into bankruptcy. Taylor tells Stephanie not to let her hatred for Brooke destroy the company, advising them all to work together. Stephanie agrees, on the condition that she keeps Eric‘s office and stays CEO. Stephanie moves Eric into Thorne‘s old office in the sewing room and reinstates him as head designer. Ridge and Brooke decide to share the office with him. Thorne moves into Ridge‘s office and offers him co-presidency, but Ridge refuses to work with him. Dante offers to escort Bridget to the hospital for a check up, but she declines. Brooke later tells Dante to back away from Bridget and let her reunite with Nick. Nick shows up at the hospital to support Bridget, where she finally gives him forgiveness. Nick and Bridget are told that there is a problem with the baby.