Ep. #4684

Season 19, Episode 170 -  Air Date: 11/17/2005
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Nick tries to convince Bridget that he wants his life to be with her and the baby. Dante later tells Bridget the exact same thing, and promises her that he will always love her. Stephanie tells Thorne about Ridge‘s plan to go into business with Brooke. Eric is furious with Ridge and warns him to respect his marriage to Brooke. Eric tells Ridge that he wants no part in his plan and to also leave Brooke out of it. Stephanie drops by Ridge‘s office at Marone Enterprises to gloat that Ridge‘s plan backfired. Stephanie again offers him the chance to work alongside Thorne at Forrester Creations. Eric later vents his frustration out. Brooke apologises for not being able to sleep with him. Brooke offers herself, but Eric tells her that he doesn‘t want her body, he wants her love.