Ep. #4683

Season 19, Episode 169 -  Air Date: 11/16/2005
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Nick goes to see Bridget but Dante refuses to let him inside. Dante tells Nick that he loves Bridget. Nick later manages to sneak in to see Bridget and tells his unborn child that he will be with mommy by the time it‘s born. Stephanie doesn‘t fall for Ridge‘s bluff and she tells him and Brooke to go ahead with their new company. Stephanie informs them that she is also selling the BeLieF formula. Eric vents his anger about Stephanie to Taylor, but Taylor and Eric both agree that they are happy within their marriages. Stephanie tells Eric that Ridge and Brooke are going into business together, which fires up his jealously. Ridge apologises to Brooke for their bluff failing but then suggests they do it for real. Brooke becomes dizzy from exhaustion and collapses in Ridge‘s arms. Eric is furious when he sees them together.