Ep. #4665

Season 19, Episode 151 -  Air Date: 10/21/2005
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Eric flirts with Brooke over breakfast. He leads her to the bedroom again, but Brooke is still unable to make love to him. Kristen returns to town with Zende. They gather for a meeting with Ridge, Thorne, Darla and Massimo. Kristen explains that Tony was unable to come because he is busy with an AIDS benefit, and she asks for all of their help to raise money. Zende goes to hang out with Phoebe and Steffy and Kristen begins grilling everybody for information about Eric and Brooke‘s remarriage. Kristen, Ridge and Thorne worry about Stephanie‘s mental state. Stephanie goes to Taylor‘s office to seek professional help. Stephanie begins having images of murdering Brooke. Stephanie admits to Taylor that she wants to kill Brooke, and begs for her help.