Ep. #4664

Season 19, Episode 150 -  Air Date: 10/20/2005
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Ridge tells Taylor that Eric is Brooke‘s new husband. Taylor feels for Stephanie, but is angry that Ridge is still talking about Brooke. Ridge promises Taylor that now Brooke is married to Eric, he is through with her. Taylor is thankful and they make love. Stephanie refuses to leave the beach house, so Brooke has Eric throw her out. Stephanie goes home to find Nick waiting. Nick blames her for all the mess that has been caused. Stephanie tells Nick that he is the only person who can get through to Brooke. She begs him to make Brooke end the marriage. Eric takes Brooke to bed, but she is unable to sleep with him. Stephanie calls Eric and warns him that Brooke will hurt him. Nick finds Brooke on the deck and they pledge their love for one another. Brooke is intent on protecting Bridget, and returns to Eric.