Ep. #4662

Season 19, Episode 148 -  Air Date: 10/18/2005
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Taylor tells Ridge that she still feels that Brooke is a threat to their marriage. Bridget calls Ridge and tells him that Brooke has gotten married, Ridge rushes over to Brooke leaving Taylor pissed. Hector comes by and offers support to Taylor as she whines that her marriage will never be free of Brooke. Brooke tells Nick that she married Eric for Bridget, adding that Eric is the man she should have been married to all along, for her children‘s sake. Nick tries to make Brooke give into her passion for him, but she pushes him away. Ridge comes by and refuses to believe that Brooke loves Eric, or Nick. Ridge says that he is the man she has always loved. Jackie is crushed when Eric tells her that the evening isn‘t for her and that he has married sombody else. Jackie runs out when he tells her that Brooke is his wife. Stephanie later arrives and begs Eric to give their marriage another chance.