Ep. #4660

Season 19, Episode 146 -  Air Date: 10/14/2005
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Stephanie tells Ridge about Brooke and Nick‘s love for one another. Ridge rushes to Brooke defense and warns Stephanie that she is pushing her family away. Stephanie asks for Ridge‘s forgiveness and adds that she wants to reconcile with Eric. Jackie is saddened to hear that Bridget left Nick, but then tells Nick to follow his heart to Brooke. Jackie tells Nick about her relationship with Eric and says that she believes Eric is preparing to propose to her. Jackie‘s hopes are raised further when she drops by Forrester Creations and finds a receipt from a jewelers for two wedding bands on Eric‘s desk. Jackie informs Stephanie that Eric has divorced her. Stephanie is crushed when Jackie tells her that she is marrying Eric. Meanwhile, Eric has a caterer named Benjie Lloyd set up a romantic dinner for two at the beach house. Brooke tries again to explain herself to Bridget. Brooke says that she wants to give Bridget the life she never had as a child, but Bridget refuses to listen. Eric and Brooke shock Bridget by informing her that they have remarried.