Ep. #4595

Season 19, Episode 81 -  Air Date: 7/13/2005
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Stephanie returns home. Darla and Thorne visit with get well wishes. Stephanie asks Massimo to talk to Ridge to make him realise that chosing Taylor was the right decision, but he refuses to interfere. Stephanie attempts to poison Massimo‘s mind against Jackie when he hints at reconciling. Bridget tells Nick that she has felt neglected lately and asks him if he still wants to marry her. Nick wonders where her worries have appeared from and isn‘t impressed when she tells him that she met with Dante. Jackie tells Brooke that she too believes that Stephanie faked the heart attack. Jackie adds that Stephanie must have thrown money at Mark as a bribe, explaining that he can now afford to be her new neighbor. Mark arrives to cancel the dinner plans with Jackie, but she uses her feminine wiles to lure him in. Brooke learns that Jackie plans to seduce the truth from Mark. Brooke makes a deal with Jackie to bring Stephanie down.