Ep. #4593

Season 19, Episode 79 -  Air Date: 7/11/2005
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Taylor drops by the hospital to see Stephanie, but finds her room empty. Taylor wonders about Nick‘s suggestion that Stephanie faked her condition and so she sneaks a look at Stephanie‘s health chart. Stephanie later warns Taylor about Brooke‘s hold on Ridge and adds that Taylor would be wise to never let her guard down. Dante plants a kiss on Bridget, but she pulls away. He continues to flirt with her and also manages to place some doubt in Bridget‘s mind about Nick‘s closeness with Brooke. Ridge admits to Brooke that Stephanie manipulated him into chosing Taylor. He tells Brooke that he loves her and Brooke suggests that he can easily undo his decision. When Ridge hesitates, Brooke damands that Ridge make a decison now.