Ep. #4550

Season 19, Episode 36 -  Air Date: 5/11/2005
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Thomas tells Gaby that his father‘s actions are hurting him. Thomas cries on her shoulder as she tells him that they will both get through their pain. Brooke hides in the bedroom as Bridget rushes over at her request. Brooke informs her that Taylor is alive. Bridget thinks it‘s wonderful that the children are going to have their mother back. Brooke secretly hides her pain that nobody is worrying about what this means for her. Ridge brings Phoebe and Steffy to Taylor. Phoebe runs away in disbelief. Steffy is very shaken but overwhelmed with happiness to see her mother. Phoebe cries alone in her room as Taylor arrives and sings to her. Phoebe hugs her mother as she realizes that Taylor is really alive. Thomas soon arrives and after the initial shock, everybody is embracing and crying as the family is reunited.