Ep. #4537

Season 19, Episode 23 -  Air Date: 4/22/2005
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The wedding day arrives and Brooke and Ridge‘s garden is decorated beautifully. Massimo and Eric come together as they share their appreciation of the happy couple. Bridget is pleased that Brooke and Stephanie are also able to communicate these days and thanks them both for standing up for her. Nick is also happy when Jackie finally gives her support of the wedding. Ridge brings Bridget a wedding gown to wear from Forrester Creations. Eric later arrives with his own gown that he designed specially for his daughter, but seeing her already dressed, Eric doesn‘t mention the gown. However, Eric is touched when Bridget arrives downstairs in his specially designed gown. As the wedding ceremony is about to begin, a mysterious woman watches from the bushes, hiding her identity with the veil of her hat.