Ep. #4456

Season 18, Episode 196 -  Air Date: 12/27/2004
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Bridget feels uncomfortable as she sees Brooke and Ridge together. Ridge later offers to be there for Bridget, the way she was for him when Taylor died. Brooke notices her daughter‘s glum mood and worries about what is going on. Jackie shows Deacon how happy she is that they are together. Deacon takes Jackie to the beach and shows her the location for the Jackie M party. Thomas visits Massimo and tells him that he shouldn‘t give up on Jackie, believing that she will come to her senses the way Bridget, Brooke and Amber did. Massimo later calls an employee named Heather and enlists her help. Giving her a vial of refined alcohol, he asks her to secretly slip it to Deacon at the party, so that he falls off the wagon.