Ep. #4453

Season 18, Episode 193 -  Air Date: 12/22/2004
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Sally and Clarke tell Darla and Thorne that their new sales figures are not as good as they had hoped. Clarke congratulates Sally‘s genius when Sally later shows him Spectra‘s new PR logo, featuring the Forrester name in bigger font than Spectra‘s. Eric and Stephanie prepare for Christmas as Ridge drops by with R.J. Eric takes Ridge aside and shows him that Forrester sales are up, Eric asks Ridge to return to the company but he declines. Amber pops in on Stephanie, who lets Amber hold R.J. Stephanie hints that Amber is ready to be a mother, but not with Thomas as the father. Ridge informs his parents that he will be spending Christmas with Brooke and the kids this year, and Amber later brings the news that Thorne will be doing the same with Darla. Stephanie is distraught at the thought of spending the holiday all alone.