Ep. #4449

Season 18, Episode 189 -  Air Date: 12/16/2004
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Sally and Clarke show Thorne, Darla and Amber the new Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester logo, and Thorne worries that it may be taking advantage of the Forrester name. Amber later tells Darla that her relationship with Thomas is growing stronger. Meanwhile, Eric meets with Thomas and Caitlin in his office. Eric promotes Caitlin as a junior member of the design team, and she grows closer to Thomas as he congratulates her. Deacon is thrilled when Jackie shows him the press release of his return to vice president of Jackie-M. Sally and Clarke later come by and offer Deacon a lower wholesale price on their designs, if he gives them prime shelf space and promotion. Nick calls Paige to his office, taking her to Jackie-M he informs her that he wants her to seduce Deacon, so Jackie will leave him.