Ep. #4446

Season 18, Episode 186 -  Air Date: 12/13/2004
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Stephanie tells Eric that Massimo walked out of the clinic. Although surprised, Eric believes his will power must have been his need to get back to Jackie. Stephanie informs Eric that Jackie has been seeing Deacon. As Ridge and Nick try to control Massimo, he yells for Deacon to confess to drugging Jackie and taking advantage of her. Ridge throws Deacon and Jackie out, but Massimo tells them that he wants Jackie back. Deacon tells Jackie that they can be free from Massimo, but she refuses to turn her back on her husband. Eric later warns Deacon to stay away from Jackie, but Deacon insists that he can make her happy. Jackie returns to Massimo and he tells her that Deacon is out of her life forever.