Ep. #4445

Season 18, Episode 185 -  Air Date: 12/10/2004
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Eric tells Stephanie that Ridge is taking a leave of absence to concentrate on his family. Stephanie is shocked that Brooke opposed Ridge, and she wonders if this will cause a rift in their marriage. Nick races from the clinic and is surprised to hear Massimo answer the phone when he calls the house. Brooke and Ridge both agree that Massimo leaving the clinic is very strange. Nick flies in and tells Ridge that Massimo is at the house with Jackie, they both rush over. Stephanie drops by on Brooke to thank her for her efforts at the board meeting. Stephanie later learns that Massimo left the clinic and that Jackie is having an affair with Deacon. Jackie and Deacon are shocked when Massimo walks in on them. Jackie is thrilled to see him walking, but then he pulls a gun out on Deacon.