Ep. #4443

Season 18, Episode 183 -  Air Date: 12/8/2004
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Ridge tells Eric that he is going to take a leave of absence from the company to concentrate on his family. Ridge gets summoned to the clinic to see Massimo by Dr. Ying. Massimo grows extremely agitated and begs Ridge to help him. Massimo is unable to say what he wants, so Dr. Ying asks Ridge to leave to allow Massimo to rest. Nick drops by to see Brooke and he congratulates her on having the guts to vote against Ridge at the board meeting. Brooke insists it was best for everyone involved, but Nick wonders if Ridge will see it that way. When Ridge returns home he tells her how angered he is that she went against him, and tells her they need to talk. At the Marone mansion, Deacon is set back when Jackie says that she can‘t move in with him. Jackie explains that she is unable to walk out on her son and a sick husband. Deacon begs with Jackie to allow herself to be happy. Massimo later sneaks out of the clinic and into a cab.