Ep. #4441

Season 18, Episode 181 -  Air Date: 12/6/2004
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Deacon goes to Nick on Jackie‘s behalf as he hasn‘t been returning her calls. Deacon tells Nick that Jackie misses him. Deacon tries to convince Nick that he loves Jackie but Nick demands that Deacon leave her. Deacon returns home and finds Jackie there. Deacon believes that Nick will come around, and Jackie tells Deacon that she loves him. Thorne tells Brooke that Ridge has gone too far by trying to force Eric out as CEO. Eric tells Stephanie he is hurt that Ridge is going up against him. Ridge tells Brooke to stand by him and support his bid to be CEO, explaining that allowing Spectra Couture to use the Forrester name will be a huge mistake. As everybody casts their vote, Ridge is astonished when Brooke votes against him.