Ep. #4440

Season 18, Episode 180 -  Air Date: 12/3/2004
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Felicia goes to Nick to tell him that she is taking a trip to Paris to explore the possibility of an international line for Spectra Couture. Nick is surprised, but Felicia admits that she has known for a while that she isn‘t the woman of his dreams. Expressing that she has no hard feelings, Felicia cries, then bids him goodbye. Brooke questions if Ridge really wants to vote out Eric as CEO. Stephanie and Eric wait in his office as Thorne and Darla arrive. Ridge and Brooke soon enter and Stephanie hints to Brooke that she hopes she managed to convince Ridge to change his mind. Ridge tells Eric that he understands that he gave Thorne permission to use the Forrester name at Spectra Couture out of love for his son, but Ridge says that it‘s bad business for Forrester Creations. Not wanting the company to be ruined, Ridge tells Eric that he wants to be named CEO.