Ep. #4439

Season 18, Episode 179 -  Air Date: 12/2/2004
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Jackie tells Deacon she is so happy that the first day of opening at Jackie-M was a success. Deacon gives Jackie a gift of black lace negligee. After trying it on, they make love in the store. Ridge and Nick visit Massimo at the clinic, but all Massimo asks for is Jackie. Ridge wonders why Jackie hasn‘t come by, and Nick tells him that he wants Jackie away from Massimo, since she was having an affair with Deacon. Nick goes on to say Massimo learned of this right before he had his stroke. Stephanie begs Brooke to convince Ridge not to try and force Eric out as CEO. Eric later arrives and sees the memo from Ridge calling for a board meeting. Eric thinks Ridge just wants to vent his anger. Brooke tries to talk Ridge out of going up against Eric, warning him that it could separate the family, but Ridge believes there is no other choice if Forrester Creations wants to remain in the game.