Ep. #4423

Season 18, Episode 163 -  Air Date: 11/8/2004
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Whip interrupts Deacon and Brooke, reminding Brooke that tomorrow they‘ll be married and Deacon will be out of her life for good. Ridge informs Tony that, despite Tony‘s reluctance to keep secrets from Kristen, he can‘t let her know that Ridge is running Spectra so they can keep the element of surprise and put Forrester Creations out of business. Stephanie confronts Whip, who assures her that he loves Brooke and will make sure the marriage lasts so he can keep Brooke and Deacon apart. Deacon tries to convince Brooke that it is inevitable that Bridget will find out their secret and she should hear it from them. Stephanie warns Deacon that Brooke is marrying Whip and there‘s nothing he can do to stop her. Amber is surprised to see Erica at the party with Zende. Erica offers to watch Little Eric during the wedding. Ridge admits to Thorne that he has never felt so energized by his career and goes on to say that the payoff of his new project is going to be enormous. Taylor senses the tension at the party and notes to Ridge that she thinks something is going on. Stephanie assures Bridget that Brooke won‘t change her mind about the wedding. Bridget delivers an emotional speech about Deacon and Brooke‘s engagement. Erica‘s mother gets on the phone and says that if Erica doesn‘t leave L.A. today, she‘s coming out there to get Erica herself.