Ep. #4169

Season 17, Episode 161 -  Air Date: 11/7/2003
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CJ tells Amber that he can‘t handle living at the Forrester estate anymore and tells her that they have to leave. Sally has a meeting with Connor. He tells her that the court order requires Amber to live at the Forrester estate, not the baby. Connor adds that CJ has the legal right to the child as stated in Becky‘s videotape. Sally informs CJ of this and he decides it‘s time to move the baby out. Rick tells Stephanie that moving Amber in was just about the baby at first, but now he has feelings for Amber again. Stephanie advises Rick to tell her how he feels. Amber is unsure on what to say when Rick confesses his feelings, Rick tells her that he wants a life with her again. CJ later calls Amber and tells her to pack as they are moving out.