Ep. #4107

Season 17, Episode 99 -  Air Date: 8/11/2003
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Kimberly drops in on Thorne at his office but he doesn‘t want to talk. Kimberly gets him to open up and he feels bad about taking her virginity and not even being able to remember. Kimberly then goes to Brooke who tells her to get her delusion of being with Thorne out of her head. Kimberly tells Brooke that she slept with Thorne. Jonathan confirms that CJ and Sally have the right to take the baby and live at her penthouse. Stephanie tells Amber that she won‘t hold her hostage and that she can go too. Sally and Stephanie get into a cat fight about the baby and CJ shoves in some sarcastic comments. Rick takes Amber aside and shows how hurt he is that she and the baby are leaving. He begs her not to go, but Sally, CJ, Amber and little Eric pack their things and leave.