Ep. #3946

Season 16, Episode 187 -  Air Date: 12/17/2002
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Stephanie tries one last time to convince Bridget not to take the baby to Italy. Christian helps Felicia pack some bags for Dino when Dante comes by. Felicia finds it hard to watch Dante and Bridget take the baby, then later vents her anger at Stephanie for allowing them to take him. Brooke has Stephen leave and then tells Ridge that she doesn‘t resent him for sleeping with her. Brooke blames herself and feels ashamed. Nick questions Taylor when she lets it slip that she knows what happened between Ridge and Brooke. Nick discovers the truth and Brooke warns Ridge to hide out in Big Bear until she has talked to Nick. Nick overhears Sally arranging for a package to be sent to Big Bear so Nick heads up there, while Taylor goes to Brooke to throw some sarcastic comments her way.