Ep. #3868

Season 16, Episode 109 -  Air Date: 8/22/2002
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Erica is released and Rick offers to take her home. Erica is irritated with her mother for never coming to the hospital and thanks Rick for his friendship. Amber informs Taylor that Erica is trying to cause problems for Rick and her and she has to find some way to stop it. After a phone call from James, Taylor explains to Amber that she doesn‘t think James ever recovered from losing Mary. Taylor imagines that it must be awful for James to know that someone like Sheila is raising his daughter. Sheila is delighted to hear that Erica will be recuperating at Rick‘s, and advises her not to rush to get back on her feet. Erica refuses to manipulate Rick. Erica admits to Rick what a mystery her father is to her. Darla helps C.J. set up, but she still thinks the blind date is a bad idea. She tells C.J. that it‘s obvious he is the one Bridget wants to go out with, but C.J. insists that the last thing Bridget needs in her life is a guy like him. Bridget is thrilled with the set up in the back room with all the Hawaiian decorations, but is stunned when Scott arrives and announces that he‘s her date.