Ep. #3867

Season 16, Episode 108 -  Air Date: 8/21/2002
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Sheila asks the nurse what happened to her daughter. Bridget tells Betsy that she overheard C.J. talking about a ‘dream date‘. When C.J. points Bridget out to him, Scott is more than willing to go along with C.J.‘s plan. He wonders why C.J. isn‘t taking her out himself, but C.J. responds that he isn‘t ready to date. Rick promises to stay at Erica‘s bedside as long as she wants him to. Taylor arrives and Amber points out Rick as he comforts Erica. Sheila listens as Amber explains everything that happened to Taylor. Amber shares her suspicions that Erica is somehow connected to Lance‘s death, pointing out that Erica is the one who stands to gain everything that Amber is losing. Taylor reminds Amber that she has no proof. Sheila emerges from the closet in nurse‘s scrubs and heads for Erica‘s room. C.J. asks Bridget if she has plans for tomorrow night. Thinking Sheila is Erica‘s nurse, he informs her that Erica‘s mother hasn‘t shown up and he‘d like to stay there with her. Sheila excuses herself when the doctor comes in and lets Rick know that Erica will be released tomorrow. Sheila approaches Amber and hisses at her to stay away from Erica and never go near her again.