Ep. #3866

Season 16, Episode 107 -  Air Date: 8/20/2002
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Sheila and Massimo meet again at Las Olas. Massimo can tell that Sheila can be a dangerous person when she wants to be, but Sheila insists only when she needs to be. Bridget admits to C.J. that her summer isn‘t turning out at all the way she planned. She had hoped for a trip to Hawaii. C.J. goes into action, planning a private luau for two, but Darla is surprised that C.J. plans to set Bridget up with his friend, Scott. Darla wants C.J. to admit that he‘s falling for Bridget. Bridget overhears them talking about the date and thinks C.J. is about to ask her out. Amber is waiting for the paramedics when Rick arrives. Erica finally regains consciousness at the hospital. Amber tries to tell Rick that she didn‘t mean for this to happen. Rick explains to Erica that she has to stay overnight and offers to call her mother. Sheila rushes out when she hears from Erica. She‘s angry when she hears that Amber was responsible. Amber tries to explain what happened, but Rick orders her to go back to Taylor and get some help. As she cries, Sheila gets off the elevator and moves toward Amber.