Ep. #3865

Season 16, Episode 106 -  Air Date: 8/19/2002
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Sheila hides her face in her hands and pretends to sob as if she is a bereaved friend of Lance‘s. Taylor is moving closer to Sheila, hoping to get some information about Lance, when Ziggy appears. Ziggy orders Taylor to leave again. Sheila is concerned that Taylor will keep snooping around until she finds out what really happened with Amber and Lance. Bridget is incredulous when Rick tells her about Amber‘s theory. Rick admits it‘s far-fetched, but thinks it‘s worth looking into. When Bridget hears that Erica is confronting Amber, she worries that things could get ugly. Erica can‘t believe Amber is accusing her not only of setting her up at the party, but of somehow being involved in Lance‘s murder. Erica steps in front of Amber when she says that she‘s going home to her husband and son. Erica insists that Rick loves her, and he‘s not going to listen to any more of Amber‘s lies. When Amber pulls free of Erica‘s grasp, Erica falls backwards. Erica hits her head and is knocked unconscious.