Ep. #3864

Season 16, Episode 105 -  Air Date: 8/16/2002
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Sheila tries to hide her panic when Ziggy tells her that Taylor was snooping around Lance‘s apartment. Ziggy informs Sheila that the cash she gave Lance is still sitting in his room. Sheila realizes she needs to get the money back and asks Ziggy for the key. When Amber explains to Taylor that Rick didn‘t believe her, Taylor suggests that maybe she should have kept her suspicions to herself. Taylor tells Amber about going to Lance‘s apartment. Amber is grateful for Taylor‘s help. Taylor‘s sure that someone was taking advantage of Amber‘s history and past mistakes. Erica asks Rick why Amber hates her so much. Rick tries to explain that Amber‘s jealous of Erica‘s time with Rick and Little Eric. Erica says that Amber keeps lying to Rick because he keeps falling for her lies. Erica pleads with Rick not to let Amber fool him again. Erica heads out to confront Amber, angry about her accusations. Sheila has just put the money in a bag when she hears Taylor‘s voice from the doorway.