Ep. #3863

Season 16, Episode 104 -  Air Date: 8/15/2002
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Ziggy is cleaning up Lance‘s apartment and has just come across a wad of money when Taylor approaches him. Taylor questions Ziggy and he reveals that Lance had money problems and said he‘d do anything for cash. Erica reveals to Sheila that she thinks she‘s been really good for Rick and Little Eric. She believes that she can show Rick what an open and honest relationship can really be like. Sheila advises Erica not to underestimate Amber because she might try to turn Rick against her. Amber explains to Rick that she wasn‘t drunk at the victory party - she‘d been drugged! When Rick angrily wonders why Lance would have done that, Amber responds that she thinks someone else was involved. Amber lays out her case against Erica, then admits that her drug test was inconclusive. Rick finds her explanation too far-fetched. He admits that Erica has a crush on him, but doesn‘t think that means she would plot against Amber. When Rick informs Erica about Amber‘s accusation, Erica thinks that Amber is out of her mind. Amber is more certain than ever that Erica is part of a plot to break up Amber‘s marriage.