Ep. #3862

Season 16, Episode 103 -  Air Date: 8/14/2002
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Bridget tells Stephanie that C.J. became bitter and cynical after Becky‘s death, but she thinks that‘s starting to change. When C.J. returns, he‘s in a terrible mood. He gives Bridget a hard time about not changing the coffee filters yet, then smiles to himself as she flounces off. Bridget pulls out the filter tray and finds a flower and a thank you card. Amber is thrilled that she could have her test results within an hour. As she puts the pieces together, Amber decides it must have been Erica behind a plan to drug Amber and ruin her marriage. Taylor warns Amber to be careful, because she has no proof, but Amber is certain that Erica is behind everything that‘s happened to her. Rick is upset as it becomes clear that Amber isn‘t showing up for the meeting, but he invites Erica to sit in. Whip outlines his marketing plan aimed at teens. He passes out tapes of a demo jingle. Erica picks one up herself after everyone leaves. Erica admits to Rick that Amber called, but she didn‘t tell him at the time because he was in such a good mood.