Ep. #3861

Season 16, Episode 102 -  Air Date: 8/13/2002
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Massimo joins Sheila and orders them a bottle of wine. Sheila reveals that she‘s a single mother and her little girl has a brilliant future. Taylor and Amber wonder if Lance could have slipped something in Amber‘s drink, and Taylor suggests having Amber tested to see if the drug is still in her system. Amber sees it as a chance to prove to Rick that what happened wasn‘t her fault. Erica admits to Rick about the ways her mother influences her, and how it sometimes embarrasses her. She recalls the night her mother sent Erica over in a red dress, wanting her to seduce Rick. When Rick realizes that Sheila is living vicariously through Erica, he suggests that if she finds her mother a man of her own, she‘d be too busy to worry about Erica. Erica thinks it would be hard to find a match for her mother because she is obsessive and controlling. When Amber calls to talk to Rick, Erica answers, and she refuses to put him on the line.