Ep. #3860

Season 16, Episode 101 -  Air Date: 8/12/2002
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Kristen informs Sally that C.J. blew it and it‘s going to take more than an apology for him to win back Bridget‘s trust. C.J. pleads with Bridget not to go. She asks for a raise, and for him to be nicer to her. He takes her hand and they go back to the party. C.J. is moved when Bridget plays the video compilation of photos and video clips, from baby pictures through his wedding to Becky. Despite Bridget‘s protests, Kristen and Tony realize that she has it bad for C.J. Sally thinks Bridget and C.J. are good together, but Darla wonders how long it will take for them to figure that out. C.J. helps Bridget unpack and bids her goodnight. Disappointed, Massimo decides it‘s definitely time for a change in his life. Ziggy finds Sheila dressed up and ready to go out. Massimo is intrigued when he sees Sheila come into the bar. He approaches her table.