Ep. #3859

Season 16, Episode 100 -  Air Date: 8/9/2002
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Sally and Clarke are shocked when C.J. admits to them that he fired Bridget. Stephanie informs Massimo that she can‘t go away with him because of her obligation to Brooke‘s child. She adds that it could still happen for them, but Massimo has to be patient. Massimo is angry, and tells Stephanie he‘s not going to put up with her compulsive need to play savior anymore. He wanted to make a life with her, but he can‘t accept this situation. Bridget sets up for the party, but insists on leaving before C.J. arrives. She notes to Sally that if she wanted to be treated like dirt, she would still be married. C.J. is stunned and pleased by the surprise. Bridget watches from around the corner, gratified to see him happy. When C.J. realizes Bridget was responsible for putting the party together, he takes off looking for her. C.J. catches up with Bridget, but she is out of patience with him. She points out that he is not the only one who has been hurt. Bridget tries to leave, but C.J. yanks on her suitcase, which unexpectedly throws her against his chest. They look into each other‘s eyes.