Ep. #3858

Season 16, Episode 99 -  Air Date: 8/8/2002
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Darla tries to convince C.J. that it‘s okay to let go of Becky‘s memory and move on. Clarke informs Bridget that he thinks throwing a party for C.J. is a great idea. He helps her by coming up with an excuse to get C.J. away from the coffee shop for awhile. C.J. is irked with Bridget when he sees that she booked a private party for the evening. He says that she should look for a job somewhere else. Bridget can‘t believe he‘s firing her, and admits to him that she thought they were friends. She storms off to pack her things. Sally explains to Clarke that someone like Bridget could be just what C.J. needs, but she hopes he‘s not too hurt and stubborn to realize it. Brooke encourages Stephanie to go on the romantic cruise with Massimo, but is grateful when Stephanie decides that she‘s not going anywhere.