Ep. #3856

Season 16, Episode 97 -  Air Date: 8/6/2002
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Amber is shocked when she goes to Lance‘s apartment and is told that he‘s dead. Sheila assures Erica that it won‘t be long before Rick realizes how special she is. Rick admits to Brooke that he can‘t conceive of any reasonable explanation for Amber‘s behavior. He wonders how many times he can swallow his pride and forgive her. Brooke points out that taking a stand, even if it means ending his marriage, may be the right thing to do. Sheila assures Ziggy that the Forresters may never know that she‘s Erica‘s mother, but she‘ll have the joy of knowing that Erica and Rick are together. The police call Ziggy and inform him about what happened to Lance. Sheila denies it when Ziggy asks if she had anything to do with Lance‘s demise. Amber notes to Rick that she doesn‘t have an explanation after all because of Lance‘s death, but Rick is furious and doesn‘t want to hear any more excuses. He can‘t put himself in a position to be disappointed again. Amber assures Rick that she loves him, and that someday he‘s going to take her back.