Ep. #3855

Season 16, Episode 96 -  Air Date: 8/5/2002
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Amber tells Lance that she needs answers and will be at his place first thing in the morning. Lance calls Sheila and gives her one more chance to give him enough cash to relocate, or he‘ll confess everything to Amber. Wearing bee-keeping gear, Sheila notes to herself that Lance should have known better than to try to blackmail her. She gathers bees in a jar, knowing Lance is allergic to them. Sheila ties Lance‘s door shut, then stirs up the bees to make them angry and sends them into his apartment when he‘s sleeping. Lance is panic-stricken when he awakens as the bees start to sting him. Sheila watches as he collapses. She whispers to Lance he messed with the wrong woman. Amber is elated that Lance is going to reveal the truth, and lets Taylor know that she and Rick could be back together by tomorrow afternoon. Amber informs Taylor that Erica is after Rick. Erica is dubious when Rick comments that Amber will have proof tomorrow that this was all a misunderstanding. She reminds him that Amber has caused him enough pain and there are better women out there for him. Amber calls Rick and assures him that she is telling the truth and says not to listen to Erica.