Ep. #3854

Season 16, Episode 95 -  Air Date: 8/2/2002
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Amber orders Erica out of the house. Erica strikes back and says that Amber betrayed Rick and wonders how she could be so ungrateful. Amber grabs Erica and orders her to stay out of it. Stephanie can‘t believe Amber‘s been given chance after chance, but keeps making terrible mistakes. Taylor is sure that there‘s more to what happened. Lance informs Sheila that Amber knows he‘s hiding something, and he‘s going to have to tell her the truth. Sheila warns him not to double-cross her and suggests he get out of town for a couple of days. Lance wants to relocate to New York so Amber won‘t be waiting for him, and notes to Sheila that he needs a hundred thousand dollars to cover expenses. When Sheila insists that she doesn‘t have the money, Lance says that he‘s going to have to have a little chat with Amber. He reminds Sheila that he committed a crime for her. Lance leaves, promising he‘ll call Sheila tomorrow. Amber asks Rick to give her a minute and hear what she has to say. She swears that she‘s not cheating on him. She tries to explain that Lance is hiding something about what happened the other night, and he was about to confess to Amber the truth when Rick spotted them together. Sheila assures herself that she has to do something before Lance ruins everything.