Ep. #3853

Season 16, Episode 94 -  Air Date: 8/1/2002
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Erica suggests that Rick get out of the house and says they should go for coffee. C.J. notices that Bridget has been in a funk ever since she saw Brooke. Amber is sure that something is missing in Lance‘s story and she can tell by the look in his eyes that she‘s right. Bridget sees a man who looks like Deacon and rushes out, almost in tears. C.J. follows her and insists that he‘s not leaving until Bridget reveals what‘s going on. C.J. realizes Deacon must have done something terrible if Bridget is hiding from his look-alike. Bridget admits to C.J. that Deacon cheated on her and she doesn‘t think she‘ll ever get over it, but she won‘t reveal who Deacon was with. Rick tells Erica that Amber didn‘t cheat on him. He wonders if he should call her because there may be some other explanation for what happened. Rick is stunned when he looks across the room and spots Amber with Lance. Amber assures Lance that if he tells her the truth now, he won‘t get in any trouble, but she‘s determined to find out what really happened because she doesn‘t want to destroy her marriage and lose her family. Rick confronts them angrily assuming Amber left him because she couldn‘t wait to get back to her lover. Rick refuses to listen to Amber when she tries to explain, and leaves. Erica notes to Rick that he deserves much better. Erica intervenes when Amber tries to see Rick, and Amber realizes that Erica is after her husband.