Ep. #3852

Season 16, Episode 93 -  Air Date: 7/31/2002
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Erica tells Rick that there‘s no excuse for Amber getting drunk and spending the night with a stranger. She notes that Amber was her inspiration and now she sees her throwing everything away. Erica wishes Amber had appreciated what she had. Erica knows it‘s possible to love someone who‘s no good for you, because that‘s the way she feels about her mother. Stephanie is disappointed when she realizes that Amber is staying with Taylor and not back at the clinic. Amber tries to explain that parts of Lance‘s story just don‘t make sense, but Stephanie thinks that Amber should be looking inside herself to explain her behavior. Over dinner, Thorne asks Brooke if she‘s going to cut Whip loose now. He empathizes with Whip, knowing how hard it is to get over Brooke. Caitlyn isn‘t very happy to hear from Amber, but she gives her Lance‘s phone number. Amber calls Lance and asks him to meet her at Insomnia. She informs Lance that she has some questions for him, and she wants the truth.