Ep. #3851

Season 16, Episode 92 -  Air Date: 7/30/2002
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Rick admits that he could have stopped Amber, but Bridget is glad that he didn‘t. She thinks this could motivate Amber to get the help she needs. Bridget wants Rick to face the fact that, despite Rick and Amber‘s love for each other, they may not be able to work things out. Amber reveals to Taylor what happened and that her marriage is over. She cries in Taylor‘s arms. When Taylor hears that Amber can‘t remember what happened, she is sure that there is more to the story. She wants to know more about the man Amber went home with and suggests she try to track him down through Caitlyn. Taylor offers Amber the guest room while she tries to find out if Lance was telling the truth about what happened. Amber realizes it‘s her only chance to save her marriage. Sheila can hardly cover her glee when Erica informs her that Amber moved out. She congratulates herself for making it possible for Erica to become the next Eric Forrester Jr. Erica tells Rick how sorry she is, and embraces him.